Project Description

Solution For wrapping bag Production Line(wraping paper printing machine and sheeter)

wrapping paper producing machine solution
  • Sample Show

printed paper roll
wrapping paper
food wrapping paper
  • Machine List

Food wrapping paper production line including two machine, first is the wraping paper printing machine, second is paper roll to sheet cutting machine.

—-flexo printing machine

wtotech - paper 4 colors CI flexo printing machine old model

—-roll to sheet paper cutting machine

—-slitting machine

paper straw slitting machine central roll surface type

  • Process

1.  first, use 4 color ci flexo printing machine, to printing paper roll.  After finished, we got the printed paper roll.  Please check machine working video:

2. Put the printed paper roll to the cutting machine. this cutting machine can make the roll paper to sheet paper. please check the video bellowing:

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