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Stack Flexo printing machine 8 color WPF-B series 

Stack Flexo printing machine 8 color WPF-B series
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8 color flexo printing machine
8 color flexo printing machine
8 color flexo printing machine
  • Application

8 color flexo printing machine is widely use in packaging material printing, it use rubber plate or resin plate to print paper, BOPP, OPP, PE, PVC, PET, CPP, ALV, NY, Composite Film, Non woven fabric etc. This is stack type flexo printing machine, 8 color 1200mm width, First time installed in Mexico,Latin America. It can printing 4 color at frontside and 4 color at backside at the same time, maily used for shopping bags or packing bags with double side printing, such as laundry soap powder, closed packing bag. This machine with video inspection system, crane lift system for anilox roller and plate roller.

  • Features

ceramic anillox roller with open type doctor blade
frame thickness : 75mm
auto tension controller with magnetic brake
web guide EPC
Air Shaft

Optional device:
chamber doctor blade
pneumatic cylinder for loading&unloading the material rell
camera video inspection
crane for lift the plate rollers.
corona treatment.

  • Main Technical Specification
Printing Material Plastic Film / Paper/Non woven/ Woven sack
Printing width 600mm  800mm  1000mm  1200mm
Heating Way Electrical Heating
Printing Speed ≤100m/min
Color Register Precision ≤0.2mm
Printing Repeat Length 280-1000mm
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