Project Description

Solution For Shrink Sleeves Production Line

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  • Machine List

—-shrink film extrude machine/ film blowing machine
—-CI flexo printing machine or rotogravure printing machine
—-label slitting machine or film slitting machine
—-glue seaming machine
—-inspection and rewind machine
—-roll film sheet cut machine

  • Process

1. manufacture the shrink film roll.  use the extrude machine or film blowing machine to make the shrink film roll. Normally 400mm width is the common size for the shrink film.

2. printing the photo image on the shrink film roll. It need high quality central impression flexo printing machine, require minimal 6 colors, equip ceramic anilox roller and chamber doctor blade. Or it also can use automatic register type rotogravure printing machine to print it, but It’s not very easy to make the rotogravure plate cylinders in some country, and even rotogravure inks is not Eco-friendly.

3. Slitting the big width and big diameter printed shrink film roll to small width and small diameter roll. Slitting machine and rewinding machine can setting the width and length according to the requirement when slitting. There are two types of slitting machine, one is label slitting machine for narrow width, such as width less than 450mm; the other type is film slitting machine for big width, such as 900mm, 1100mm, 1300mm model.

4. folding the shrink film and central seaming the labels roll.

5. If the shrink label roll inline with Steam shrinkage machine, it need inspection and rewind machine to check the label printing quality and rewind the required length for steam shrinkage machine

6. Cut the shrink label from Roll to sheet. shrink label sheet cutting machine unwind the shrink label roll and cut it to sheet.

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