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slitting machine WCS-VA130 series 

slitting machine WCS-VA130 series
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slitting machine paper
slitting machine paper
  • Application

This series slitting machine is used for slitting big size roller materials to small size roller. Such as bopp film, opp film, ldpe film, hdpe film,plastic film material,aluminium foil, non woven fabric etc.

  • Features

unwind with magnetic brake and web guide ( EPC )
unwind with Air shaft
rewind with double air shaft

Optional device:
auto tension control system

  • Main Technical Specification
Model WCS-VA110 WCS-VA130
unwind Max. diameter Φ600mm Φ600mm
Unwind Max. width 1100mm 1300mm
rewind Max. diameter Φ450 Φ450
rewind Max. width 30-1100mm 30-1300mm
Maximum slitting speed 200m/min depend on material
Material thickness 10-75um 10-75um
Accuracy ±0.3mm ±0.3mm
Max Power 6KW 6KW
Weight 1500kg 1700KG
Overall size (L*W*H) 1500*2940*1560 1500*2740*1560
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