Project Description

Die cutting machine for roll trademark label

roll trademark label die cutting machine
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roll sticker
roll label
trade mark label
  • Application

This die cutting machine is suitable for adhesive products, label sticker. Roll sticker feeding, and flat bed die cutting, waste collection and rewind.

  • Features

Feeding material part:

  1. Single unwinder system,
  2. Roller core diameter: 76mm
  3. Air shaft
  4. EPC (edge position control)

Die cutting sections:

  1. Film laminating device
  2. Flat bed die cutting.
  3. Grating device with sensor for automatic stop the machine with inspect unusual object.
  4. Cross cutter after die cutting.

Rewinding Part:

  1. Single rewind system,
  2. Air shaft.
  3. Roller core diameter: 76mm
  4. Waste collect system.
  • Main Technical Specification
Technical Specification
Model MQ-320N MQ-320S
Die cutting speed 20-200c/min 20-300c/min
Max. Roll diameter 600mm 600mm
Max. Web width 320mm 320mm
Die cutting area 290*300mm 290*300mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Total power 3KW 3KW
Supply voltage 220v±10% 220v±10%
Weight 1700kg 1700kg
Overall 2600*950*1400mm 2600*950*1400mm
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