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roll to sheet paper cutting machine

roll to sheet paper cutting machine
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sheet paper
wrap paper
plate paper
  • Application of Ppaer roll to sheet cutting machine

This roll to sheet paper cutting machine mainly used for cutting printed paper, application for food wrapping paper, KFC and McDonald’s plate bottom paper

  • Features

This machine is a small-size paper cutting equipment, used for columnar material of paper, trademark, cigarete brands, calendars, non-woven fabrics, paper & plastic compound cutting in transverse and longitudinal. It has ways of photoelectric tracking and directly cutting.

  • Main Technical Specification
Technical Specification
Model 800mm 1000mm
Maximum cutting width 800mm 1000mm
Maximum cutting length 1900mm 1900mm
Cutting speed 50m/min 50m/min
Overall dimension(L*W*H)  2400×1350×1100  2400×1550×1100
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