Project Description

Inline type flexo printing machine 6 colors 1200mm for paper

inline type flexo printing machine
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paper bag
paper roll
paper carton
  • Application

This inline flexographic printing machine is suitable for printing papers, such as cement Kraft paper bag, paper cup, food packing carton, cement paper bag, paper carton case

  • Features

Feeding material part:

  1. Hydraulic lift system for unwind,
  2. Auto tension controller for unwinding with Magnetic powder brake
  3. Alarm function for reminding replacing material .stopping –machine device for detecting material broken .
  4. EPC system. Inspection method: edge
  5. Equipped with fast filling gun
  6. The paper combining with the platform .Operated easily
  7. Hydraulic loading device
Max. Unwinder Diameter 1524mm
Max. Unwinder Width 1220mm
Paper core of unwinder 3” or 6”
Tension range 3-50kg
Tension precision +-0.5kg
Unwinder frame 1 group
Magnetic powder brake 1 pcs
Air shaft (3’’ or 6”) 1 pcs
Tension sensor (1000N) 2 set
Auto tension controller 1 set
Tension sensor roller 1 set

Printing sections:

  1. platematerial: resin plate or rubber plate
  2. Ceramic anilox roller for ink transferring. single-balde reverse ink-scraping system
  3. Transmissionbetween printing roller and anilox roller: Helical gears
  4. adjustment method: By Manual (Automatic printing after adjust by manual, when start machine, no need register color again, the printing pressure and register all keep the same.)
Printing group 6group
Pressure bottom roller 6pcs
Bottom roller wheel φ135

rubber hard HS52-55 degree .12pcs

Printing cylinder( the length depend on customer) 6pcs
Horizontal manual adjusted device 6set
Doctor blade device manual 6 set
Ink device 6set
Stainless steel ink plate  6pcs
Ceramic anilox roller 6pcs

Drying system:

  1. Separate drying system(electric heating)
  2. short-wave heater drying system including exhaust fan and blower .
  3. Central Exhaust system (waste gas will be exhausted centrally
Printing heating box 6 set
Preheating box 1 set
Fan 3kw 2 set
Quartz glass heat tube 16*0.9kw   80pcs

Rewinding Part:

  1. With hydraulic lifting device 3” pneumatic shaft for loading material
  2. Equipped with fast filling gun
  3. Hydraulic loading device
  4. Motor driving .equipped with swing roller .come true close tension controlled
  5. Equipped with pressure roller

Control section

  1. The whole machine is centrally controlled by PLC system which has monitors the machine status.
  2. The main motor controlled by Inverter motor
  3. Screen text input control and display the whole machine working condition
  4. Equipped with magnetic powder brake in Unwinder part .Auto constant tension controlled
  5. Equipped with the closed –loop speed control with frequency conversion motor .ensure the winding and tidy.
  6. IR drying depart wide ,narrow controlled .
  7. Alarm function for unwinding
  8. Auto stop when the material finished
  9. The running speed can be adjusted at multiple points
  10. It can realize automatic meter counter
  • Main Technical Specification
Technical Specification
Model WPF-F6800 WPF-F61000 WPF-F61200
Material feeding width 820mm 1020mm 1220mm
Colors 6 colors
Thickness of plate 1.7mm
Printing length 380-1200mm
Maximum machine speed 120m/min
Max.Printing  speed 100m/min
Register precision ±0.15mm
Structure type Inline type
Power of dryer 72kw (80*0.9kw)
Power of machine 113kw
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