Project Description

4 colors Paper flexo printing machine-replace offset machine

paper flexo printing machine
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paper roll
KFC paper
paper bags
  • Application

This CI flexo printing machine use water-based inks, ECO-friendly for printing food wrapping papers. Will take place of offset printing machine in the future.

  • Features
  1. Anilox roller: ceramic anilox roller
  2. Use waterbased inks for food wrapping paper, more eco-friendly.
  3. Unwind and rewind use magnetic brake and auto tension control system
  4. Unwind with EPC
  5. When machine stopped, the anilox roller will automatic rotate to avoid ink dried.
  6. With PLC control system
  • Main Technical Specification
Printing Material paper
Printing width 800mm  1000mm  1200mm
Heating Way Electrical Heating
Printing Speed ≤120m/min
Color Register Precision ≤0.15mm
Printing Repeat Length 300-1000mm
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