Flexo printing machine can do 50% of the job, special 1 or 2 colors.

Mini Flexo printing machine is most used in packing industry area. As we seen, most of bags such as paper bags, non woven bags, pp woven sack bags and plastic bags with logo and letters printing on the surface. But most of the printing on the bags is only 1 colors.

one color printing bag

Normal flexo printing machine is expensive

While inverst flexo printing machine equipment need a big money. For example, normal 4 colors flexo printing machine cheapest price is 11000$, if equipe good configration need budget up to 25000~35000$. Also you need to pay salary to empoly a printing operater for this machine. And need to pay electricity fee for the printing machine.

4 colors flexo printing machine

How does the this mini flexo printing machine works?

Today, I introduce a Innovation 1 color smart flexo printing machine, this machine can directly fix on your existing film blowing machine, paper bag making machine, plastic bag making machine and woven sack making machine. No need any motor drive, it help you save electricity fee. This machine easy operating,  no need to pay extra salary to empoly a professional printing operater.

mini flexo printing machine inline with film blowing machine

This 1 color smart mini type flexo printing machine can fixed inline with film blowing machine, realize inline printing. Just attached the plate roller of flexo printing machine to the aluminum roller of  film blowing machine,  No Need Motor Drive For flexo printing machine. 

how to fix flexo printing machine inline with film blowing machine

this mini flexo printer also can fixed on the paper bag making machine, so can directly making the printed paper bag.

1 color smart flexo printing machine real picture,  the price only 1580$.  

1 color mini flexo printing machine

one color smart flexo printing machine running video